Turkish Baths Harrogate

A website to seduce the senses

Turkish Baths Harrogate

How do you bring to life a unique and breathtaking visitor attraction online?

At the Turkish Baths Harrogate you can step back in time, immersing yourself in Britain's most fully restored Victorian Turkish Baths. It is a beautiful and unique environment to indulge yourself or a loved one in.

Although Turkish Baths were common in Victorian times, only seven remain which date back to the 19th century. None is as historically complete and in full working order as Harrogate's Turkish Baths. Their importance lies in their decoration, elaboration and rarity. The Baths' Moorish design with Islamic arches and screens, walls of vibrant glazed brickwork, the arabesque painted ceilings and terrazzo floors (laid by the very best Italian experts) all add to its historic elegant features.

Case study turkish baths harrogate
Case study turkish baths harrogate

The Challenge

Our brief was to create an online experience, equally as powerful as stepping through the doors of this iconic heritage building.

The Turkish Baths in Harrogate is one of the most beautiful interior spaces you might find yourself in, but their website was failing to present the beauty of the baths, missing a key selling point for the organisation.

We wanted to portray a strong brand identity and create a real incentive to visit the baths through the website. The user journey and usability throughout the website needed to be improved.

The plan was to transform the website into a breathtaking experience, to reflect that same feeling customers get when they visit the baths, creating the desire to visit the venue and boost bookings.

The Solution

Through workshops with the client and their external brand agency we created a strategy of how to present the baths online to almost bring a ‘virtual’ aspect to the site, so customers feel like they’re experiencing the baths - digitally.

We focused on beautiful photography, simple yet classical typography and a soft palette of colours to create a user experience that is calm and seductive.

Creating different personas to build different experiences based on user needs - enabled us to design a seamless, luxurious and great customer experience for all to enjoy.

Case study turkish baths harrogate

The Turkish Baths website was a true dinosaur, redolent of the early 1990s and certainly not projecting our brand and our guests' experiences. Having worked on the development of at least three commercial/public service websites in the past I was delighted by the way that Jadu Creative took us through the development journey as 'one team'. They were challenging and welcomed challenge and vision in return.

Michael Constantine, Head of Culture, Tourism & Sports

The Results

Case study turkish baths harrogate

Using full bleed imagery and film, the site visitor is seduced by its beauty and charm, just how they will feel when visiting the baths. The easy-to-use booking system means users can book their trip with ease online.

“The results speak for themselves, a very useable and professional web experience which really ‘sells’ the Turkish Baths experience and gives us space to expand online over the coming months and years.” Michael Constantine, Head of Culture, Tourism & Sports.