Which search fits you?

In Continuum #57, we released our extensible search service in CMS. Now, out the box, you can choose to implement any one of three different site search providers in a simple, and non-technical way.

CMS extensible search

The NEW search service is also extensible, so if there’s a third party provider you’d prefer to go with, it's simple to add an adapter to act as a bridge between their service and your CMS.

With the choice of 3 different providers, it can be difficult to pick the best service for you. So, here’s a quick breakdown of when to choose which service.

1. Google Custom Search Engine

Use it if...

  • You were broadly happy with Google Site Search.
  • You have a limited budget for search.
  • You are satisfied with the results that Google returns for your website.


  • Fairly rigid product with few customisation options.
  • Limited control over what results are returned for specific keywords.
  • Your search results may include third party adverts.

2. Swiftype

Use it if...

  • You want a first-class search experience.
  • You want to set weightings on fields and have greater control over the order in which results are returned for specific keywords.
  • You want extensive analytics on search usage.


  • Limited support for in file searching, though this is on the Swiftype roadmap and is expanding.

3. Jadu

Use it if...

  • You have no budget for search.
  • The site has very low traffic, such as a niche Galaxies site.
  • Database search so items do not need to be linked to on the website in order to be found.


  • Results may be limited or not as accurate as the alternative search providers based on web crawlers.


Continuum #57 

We’ll be talking more about search in the coming weeks if you are in a position of choosing a new search tool right now we recommend you get in touch and we can advise you further.

Or, use the comments section below!

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  1. Kathryn Halton Says:

    We are broadly happy with our Jadu search, except for one major niggle - why does the Jadu search not list homepages in the results? It is the one flaw in the system. And given that we have no budget for search, and a content strategy of using top level, secondary and tertiary homepages, one which affects our search results quite a lot.

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