Continuum #57

16.7.0 - New alternative search services added.

Release notes

New Refactored search to an adapter-based architecture. Introduced Jadu, Google CSE and Swiftype adapters for search.

New Updated and improved reporting functionality in Control Center.

New Added ability to select default URL for document pages and homepages.

Fix Routes involving multiple and strict alphabetical route parameters no longer trigger page not found error.

Fix File extension is now removed from download title when files are drag/drop uploaded.

Fix Translations data is now cleared from main site database when a galaxies site is deleted.

Fix The object passed when the document.save event is triggered now contains the updated document details.

Fix Fixed an issue where emails were not sent when a scheduled task was run.

Security Minor security improvements.


Default template release notes

Update Updated default templates to use the new methods for accessing search.


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Semantic version: 16.7.0