Creating successful supplier relationships in local government

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Join Suraj Kika, CEO & Founder, Jadu, for this event exclusively for local government.

The local government tech market is growing rapidly, with a 17% increase in ICT spending from 2018 to 2023 (Tussell). However, newcomers and SMEs often face obstacles, including complex procurement processes and risk aversion. To overcome these challenges, this panel session between Jadu, NEC and TechUK focuses on the power of strategic partnerships.

This briefing equips SMEs and new entrants with essential strategies for thriving in the local government tech market. By emphasising the importance of strategic partnerships and including insights from suppliers and councils, we aim to empower attendees to succeed in this expanding market.

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Date: 12th March 2024.

Location: techUK 10 St Bride Street, London, EC4A 4AD

Cost: Free