Academy Manchester 2018

A very busy Academy focusing on the four building blocks of digital strategy.

Pendle Council

Kathryn Halton, Website Co-ordinator - Pendle Borough Council
Kathryn oversees and manages the platform for delivering Pendle as a digital customer focused organisation. By bringing partners to the table, Pendle are delivering maximum value for customers through self-service and automations. Kathryn approaches the Pendle story so far by starting with content and user experience.

Hounslow Council

Victoria Lawson, Director of Customer Experience and Communications - London Borough of Hounslow
Victoria is Director of Customer Relations, Environment and Culture at Hounslow, who transformed web and transactions by iteration, tackling some of the hardest, first. They recently launched an end-to-end digital service for Garden Waste in just 2 weeks using standard Integrations Hub connectors with Jadu.

Sutton & Kingston upon Thames

Rebecca Peck, Head of Customer Experience, London Borough of Sutton and Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
Rebecca is Head of Customer Experience at Kingston and Sutton councils, who are prioritising accessibility, customer needs and commercialisation to deliver an outstanding web and self service experience for customers.

The Jadu Academies are about collaboration and transparency. We’ve continued to drive this through our vision at Jadu, and you may have seen our recently launched Jadu Library.

The idea of the Jadu Library is to drive this collaboration to the next level by creating a ‘Lego government’ as per the Digital Manifesto written by Dr Mark Thompson.

It’s a place where local government can share not just ideas, but assets, code and process maps that others can download and use. We’ll share this vision at a high-level today and discuss how you can apply it into your own digital strategies through all of the presentations today. 

Web Content Management

Keep your customers up to date, create and publish engaging web content securely and easily and on all devices.

eForms and Payments

Build secure and easy-to-use online forms, with flexible integrations and end-to-end transactions such as applications or payments.

Case Management

Your own digital concierge, providing a seamless experience and effective digital customer self-service.