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Australia Bushfire Appeal Widget

Widget supplied by Jadu Spacecraft

You may have heard in the news, Australia is experiencing a bushfire emergency. Many people have lost their homes, some have lost their lives and there has been a loss of over a billion animals. We are thinking of our friends, families, customers, colleagues and partners in Australia who may have been impacted by this disaster. 

We wanted to show our support and encourage our customer community to join us. We have created a navigation widget to enable you to add a donate widget to your website containing several Australia-wide charities that are appealing for donations. This is a great way to help your communities to contribute to these charities. You don’t need to customise the widget, simply download the Widget Zip file and upload to your Jadu CMS through the Widget Manager, then add to relevant Homepages on your website to promote the appeal.

The widget includes links for the following three charities: 

Jadu Supporting Australia


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Continuum CMS
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This artifact has been tested by Jadu Spacecraft to be used on Photon and Non-Photon based Jadu CMS systems.

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Please note: This Widget is provided as is, free of charge, and should undergo your own local testing processes ahead of production usage, checking that the Widget is suitably styled and functional, with any necessary changes applied to your relevant environments to accomodate for any specific implementation details.