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Jadu Connect Generates Instant Value

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Lichfield District Council upgraded from an ageing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that suffered from limited integration capabilities.

The council needed a platform on which to create and deliver digital services. It selected Jadu Connect (Customer Experience Management) and Jadu Central Forms.

Lichfield District Council’s digital transformation journey was accelerated when the joint waste committee of Lichfield and Tamworth decided to charge for Garden Waste services. Waste services, therefore, needed to be the first to be migrated to Jadu.

In the first four weeks, 25,000 Garden Waste customers signed up online (78 per cent) generating over £1m in sales. Within seven months, Lichfield District Council went from a legacy CRM, to a state-of-the-art solution that exceeded all targets.

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The Challenge

Lichfield District Council had made steps towards digitisation in the past, but had ended up using online forms that required manual admin and practices (such as printing and rekeying).

The council wanted to fully commit to its digital transformation and give its residents direct access to their interactions with the council.

Its digital transformation journey was accelerated when there was an urgent need to accommodate payments for Garden Waste subscriptions. A new platform was needed to facilitate a high level of transactions. Customer services simply didn’t have the capacity.

The Solution

Lichfield District Council developed a set of principles to put customer experience first. Rather than migrating existing processes, the council was committed to true transformation. 

Starting with their new Garden Waste service, Lichfield launched a fully integrated and automated digital platform using Jadu Connect and Jadu Central Forms.

Using Jadu’s Integration Hub, the platform was integrated with Bartec Municipal Technologies, along with the payment portal, geographic information system (GIS) and single point look-up. The result was a platform that citizens could use to effectively self-serve. All the council had to do was actually pick-up the waste.

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The Results

The council generated instant value via the Jadu Connect, generating over £1m in online Garden Waste subscriptions within the first four weeks. 72 percent of all Garden Waste transactions were made online - a huge channel shift. 

So popular was the service, 67 subscriptions were bought on Christmas Day itself (and a further 223 on Boxing Day)! 

Within seven months, Lichfield District Council went from a legacy CRM and an outdated waste system, to a state of the art solution that is exceeding all targets.

Lichfield have since launched many more services on the Jadu platform, which includes  'MyAccount' functionality. This allows residents to login and access services, pay-for things, save forms and track their council interaction on any device.

True end-to-end 24/7 services.

We chose Jadu Connect as it gives our residents direct access to requests and acts as a digital concierge. Being transparent and making sure everyone is in the loop, will play a big part in helping ensure that digital services become the preferred method of interaction between our residents, businesses and the council.

Cllr Andy Smith, Cabinet for Revenues, Benefits & Customer Services, Lichfield District Council