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Thursday, 8th April 2010

East Northamptonshire Council delivers an ‘at your service’ customer experience with Web Content Management

East Northamptonshire Council places its citizens at the ‘heart’ of its customer services strategy. They are the driving factor behind the Council’s new ‘at your service’ web site which will provide the primary communication’s channel for delivering services and information in the way its customers want to receive them.

The Council's vision is to 'develop a well managed, controlled and monitored 'customer services interface' to quality services delivered in a modern accessible way'.

To deliver this vision a change of web platform was needed. Although the previous web site, had served the council well, it was inflexible and did not allow content to be easily managed and updated.

It was also restricted in its functionality, lacking features such as the ability to integrate Web 2.0 technologies such as blogs, social media and podcasts found in modern content management systems.

East Northamptonshire Council identified the need for a CMS that:

  • Was quick, easy and simple to use for a content author who is not a technical specialist.
  • Provided cost savings by enabling users to make changes to functionality rather than requiring supplier resource to do this.
  • Would increase accessibility ratings and increase brand awareness through its content and structure.

After competitive tender East Northamptonshire Council selected the Jadu CMS. Jadu was selected because of their technology solutions and their understanding the local government and CMS market.

East Northamptonshire Council looks forward to working with Jadu to implement Jadu's XForms professional system under .NET, and to be able to deliver the services that our customers want.

Gareth Jones, Head of ICT at the Council

We are looking forward to working with East Northamptonshire Council to support future developments -   both the known and unknown.     The .Net version of Jadu  provides one of the most powerful development platform available and will provide the flexibility required to keep pace with technology developments as they occur.

Suraj Kika, CEO of Jadu

About East Northamptonshire Council

East Northamptonshire Council serves the rural district of East Northamptonshire, with a scattered population of around 86,000 people, six market towns and over 50 villages.  Transport links are relatively poor, so the Council's web site is a vital access channel for local people to gain access to services.

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