Braintree District Council advances Digital Strategy with Jadu Continuum CXM

Screenshots of the Braintree district council website shown on desktop, tablet and mobile screens

Braintree District Council is moving to Jadu Continuum CXM*, a cloud based solution for managing customer interactions, as part of its Digital Strategy 2017-2021.

The council is focused on making digital services the preferred method of contact for its citizens. It chose Jadu Continuum CXM because the platform enables customers to book and pay for services from anywhere with internet access, on any device.

We chose Jadu because it allows us to increase our digital offerings across a range of services, specifically for online bookings and payments. The first service to go live will be pest control, which will be rolled out later this year” says Amy Metson, Corporate Projects & Web Manager at Braintree.

“To make online the preferred method of contact, we need to make our digital experiences as easy and convenient as possible and that means making sure they’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Jadu Continuum CXM will enable us to do just that.”

Jadu Continuum CXM provides a seamless, intuitive and consistent experience for services, teams and customers. It enables users of digital council services to track interactions in a real-time timeline view. Automatic notifications inform citizens when their service status changes, ensuring everyone is kept fully up to date, without having to check-up via telephone or in person.

“Driving better services at lower costs means using new technology to the very best advantage. The increasing uptake of digital services at Braintree District Council has brought, and will continue to bring, significant advantages to our council, customers and district” adds Metson. 

“Effective digital services are not only more cost efficient and more convenient for users, they free up resources for those that might require additional support, whether that’s over the phone or face to face. Braintree District Council is putting its customers at the centre of digital change but also ensuring that there remain non-digital methods of contact for those who need them. The council is embracing an innovative and forward-thinking approach to service delivery” says Suraj Kika, CEO of Jadu.

See Braintree District Councils Digital Strategy 2017-2021.

*Jadu Continuum CXM is a cloud based solution for creating and managing customer conversations. CXM provides a seamless, intuitive and consistent experience for services teams and customers.


Cherie Root, Corporate Director at Braintree District Council will be speaking at the Jadu Academy on July 2nd

Published: 7th June 2018