Runnymede Borough Council has scored top marks for accessibility since launching Jadu as part of its mission to ensure every contact counts in the borough.

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Runnymede secure joint first position on Silktide index for an impressive 13 consecutive months as part of its move to Jadu Central 2.0, the cutting-edge Web Experience Management Platform by Jadu.

The council chose Jadu as its new web experience platform provider (CMS, forms and case management) in its effort to move away from its outdated systems and processes to provide a better digital experience for its citizens. Within 10 months Runnymede launched a new fully integrated website, OneAccount, payments and customer services platform. Since then, the council has delivered significant revenue, savings and customer service benefits, including generating £14 million in revenue. 

Runnymede’s mission is to ensure every contact counts, and delivering accessible digital services was a priority for the council as part of its strategy to move to a new web experience platform provider. 

"Selecting Jadu has put Runnymede in control of our website content management in a meaningful way, for the first time”, says Stephen Bowen, Head of Digital Innovation at Runnymede Borough Council. “Previously, we shared a content management system with a neighbouring local authority, which didn't integrate in real-time with the other systems we used at Runnymede, resulting in a disjointed citizen experience. Having control has enabled us to meet our accessibility goals and we’ve seen the results as reflected in Silktide’s Index Report”. 

Independent digital accessibility experts Silktide has ranked Runnymede as the joint first position in accessibility for 13 consecutive months.

This hands-on approach underscores the council's dedication to ensuring that accessibility is a part of its digital infrastructure, processes and culture.

Suraj Kika, Chief Executive and Founder at Jadu says, “The leadership and digital team at Runnymede Borough Council were determined to drive digital innovation within their community to provide a better self-service future that was accessible to all of its citizens and integrated to deliver automation. The Jadu Digital Platform sets the foundation for this, and accompanied with the focus of the Runnymede team - smart integration and automation has been enabled, and the early results prove that”. Kika continues, “it shows the power of technology combined with people - we need both to create a digitally inclusive and connected community.” 

Linda Norman, Corporate Head of Customer, Digital & Collection Services at Runnymede Borough Council emphasises the council's dedication to accessibility, stating, "What we want is for the customer to have a single view of the council and Jadu has allowed us to do this. We want citizens to contact us how they want to, through their channel of choice, and we wanted to ensure our website is a channel that everyone in our community can access."

This viewpoint aligns perfectly with Runnymede's goal of making every interaction count and ensuring that no citizen is left behind in the digital age.

By prioritising accessibility accompanied by Runnymede Borough Council's strategic move to Jadu Central 2.0, the council has ensured that online services are not just convenient but accessible to individuals of all abilities. Whether it's reporting incidents or seeking information, Runnymede's digital platforms are designed to accommodate diverse needs.

Jadu released Jadu Central 2.0 in June 2023 as the latest iteration of its highly successful Web Content Management and eForms suite, which is fully integrated with Jadu Connect, the cloud-based CRM and Case Management service Runnymede and scores of other councils are now leveraging. 

As technology continues to shape the future of citizen services, the council's efforts illustrate how innovation and inclusivity can work hand in hand to create a more accessible, efficient, and equitable digital society.

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Published: 31st August 2023