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Friday, 5th June 2009

The Gateshead Housing Company delivers ‘customer centric’ web services

The services provided by the Gateshead Housing Company have recently received a top rating from an Audit Commission inspection. The 'three star' award, the highest recognition given, recognises a major improvement in services over a two year period.

A previous inspection in 2007 had highlighted the need to review the website because of its lack of customer focus. The Gateshead Housing Company addressed this requirement through a review of its web site and a subsequent competitive tender. Jadu, a leading provider of web content management systems, was selected as the development partner and Jadu CMS as the web platform.

The Gateshead Housing Company's new web site was implemented over a three month period in collaboration with Jadu. Over that period, the communications team of four people achieved full and rapid content migration, with over 50,000 content updates being generated. Since its launch, the new web site has experienced a significantly higher rate of customer usage and access with a further 50,000 content updates completed. This increase in performance mirrors the dramatic improvement in online services achieved by Rossendale Council in 2007, when they increased their Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) rating from poor to good using Jadu's content management systems.

The strong commitment that the Gateshead Housing Company has made to customer service can be seen across the whole organisation, with customer facing services being underpinned by easy access to a broad range of information.

The implementation of Jadu CMS has been a key enabling factor in delivering the Gateshead Housing Company's 'customer centric' services. The new web site is now a true access channel and is capable of delivering a wide range of customer focused services such as integrated housing applications, bids for property and an ability to report repairs.

Mark Birch - Strategic ICT Manager, Gateshead Housing Company.

"Jadu is very pleased to be working with such a forward thinking organisation as the Gateshead Housing Company, to assist them in achieving their strategic objectives" says Suraj Kika, CEO of Jadu.

The Gateshead Housing Company continues to follow an innovative development programme for its CMS. Location specific information can now be accessed by customers due to the capability of the CMS to provide area based pages. The next phase of development includes the provision of web services that will enable customers to check on rental status and arrears. This will not only deliver better customer services but also increase efficiency.


About Gateshead Housing Company

The Gateshead Housing Company manages over 21,000 homes in the North East of England. We aim to provide excellent and efficient services working in partnership with residents and the wider local community to create homes and neighbourhoods that meet the aspirations of the people of Gateshead.

In February 2009, the Audit Commission said that the services provided by us are 'excellent' and that we have 'excellent prospects for improvement'. On a scale from zero to three stars, the Audit Commission inspection team gave us the top 'excellent' three star rating. This was because we have a strong commitment to customer care, we manage estates well and we are bringing thousands of homes up to and then beyond the Government's Decent Homes standard.

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About Jadu

Jadu helps businesses and public sector organisations to create and manage their online channel quickly, simply and cost effectively. Jadu was formed in 2001 to provide Content Management Systems (CMS) for government organisations. Since its first major implementation for BERR in 2002, Jadu has evolved further and been implemented for hundreds of private and public sector organisations across the UK.

Providing a refreshing approach to Enterprise Content Management, Jadu offers ground-breaking functionality including integrated Online forms, Google searches, user intelligence and full statistical reporting, full standards compliance, product and catalogue management with a host of other web productivity tools and unparalleled support service.

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