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A flexible platform to make beautiful websites for large organisations

Publish with confidence

Reach out to your customers on any device with a highly secure, flexible and liberating publishing solution.

Continuum CMS is an easy to use publishing tool that helps you create and publish meaningful content. We’ve embraced responsive interface design, so when you’re on the move Continuum CMS can be right there with you.

Plus it's built for extensibility. With our rich developer API and pluggable architecture your developers will thrive. Just like that, you can expand and integrate our system into your back office.

We’re strong on security, so you can trust our system with your data. And our flexible and intuitive workflow engine and granular access rights, combined with extensive audit trails, gives you fantastic control that you can depend on.

A few key features

Non-technical publishing

Sophisticated, yet simple to use web-based publishing tools enable non-technical authors to easily publish information. Workflow and permissions ensure that the right people publish the right information in the right place and at the right time.

Multi-site delivery

Multiple website and CMS delivery for distributed content management with Jadu Galaxies. Remove reliance on technical staff and implement additional CMS driven websites through a non-technical interface.

Developer API

Continuum CMS includes an application programming interface, meaning easy system modifications and extensions which will meet future requirements for information management and publishing.

Landing pages / Homepages

You are empowered to create stylish customer focused landing pages. Develop and deploy widgets that surface content from other systems and websites. Share and create new plugins and widgets with other Jadu users or download from Jadu's library of pre-made widgets.

Never upgrade again

A continuously updated web experience platform for digital customer engagement that works in concert with your teams, your suppliers and your partners. Maintenance is iterative and ongoing, so disruption is kept to an absolute minimum

Open data

Deliver your content in new and different ways through innovations in how data is used. Continuum CMS offers a REST interface to facilitate the publication of open data for the first time, you will have a public API for all your public content and data.

Some of the organisations that trust Continuum CMS

A large selection of customer logo's
A large selection of customer logo's

More top features

  • NO UPGRADES! Continuously released
  • Non-technical WYSIWYG editor
  • Non-technical Microsite builder
  • Role-based granular access
  • Pluggable authentication
  • The Integrations Hub
  • Content scheduling
  • Workflow engine
  • Modular page builder
  • Media library with image resizing
  • Customer Personalisation
  • Versioning with audit trail and rollback
  • Friendly URLs and URL re-writer
  • 2 Factor authentication

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We were focused on ensuring the platform we chose for powering was modern, robust and could scale to a city the sheer size of Birmingham.

Chris Gibbs, Service Director for Customer Services, Birmingham City Council.

The new Planning Portal is based on Jadu Continuum CMS, a solution that updates every two weeks, meaning we don’t have to endure big upgrades. The maintenance is iterative and ongoing, so disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.

Sarah Chilcott, Managing Director at PortalPlanQuest Ltd

We selected Jadu because their innovative software provided a great technical fit for us. Their focus on Higher Education and their approach to implementation also impressed us.

William Strausbaugh, CIO of Messiah College.

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