COVID-19 Staff and Volunteer Workforce Status Data Collection Form and Workflow - Library

Item Description

The form is used to survey/risk assess all staff and volunteers within an organisation. The questions are specific to the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic

The form can determine:

  • If staff/volunteers are fit and healthy (both from a support point of view and if they are still working)
  • Where are they working from (office, home, another location)
  • Can they continue with their normal role.

The survey can also determine what type of volunteer work they can do:

  • deliver food parcels
  • make welfare calls to vulnerable people and housebound residents etc.

This form can be imported into Continuum XFP and edited and amended to meet your needs.

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Minimum requirements
XFP #109
Integrated Systems
CXM (optional)
Target Audience
Lead Customer
Methods (created by Central Bedfordshire Council)
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