COVID-19 Campus Inquiry Form and Workflow - Library

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Across Higher Education, organizaations are struggling to respond to the overhwelming questions and inquiries coming in from their campus communities. 

We hope this form, combined with the accompanying Case Type (Covid-19 Inquiry Response) is a tool that helps make this a little more manageable. 

This Library Asset includes both a JADU XForm (Covid-19 Question Submission Form) and also a CXM Case Type (Covid-19 Inquiry Response). 
For customers who have not licensed CXM, you can still download the file and only use the XForm.

Keep in mind, organizations using this asset will want to update the email templates so that the correct addresses are used for your organization. 

Pro Tip: If you are a JADU CMS customer we would recommend creating a Jadu DIrectory to create an online database of Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions. This online directory could then be provided in an email response to anyone who has submitted a question through the JADU form.

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