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This is an omnigraffle file that is an example template of the process used by Jadu Customer Success to document workflows that will be built using Continuum CXM and XFP. This is usually created as the output of initial workshops where the following information is obtained:

  • Statuses for the process
  • Data capture points via either external forms or CXM transition forms
  • Paths between statuses (known as transitions in CXM)
  • Notifications and the triggers for them
  • Rules required to trigger events within a case
  • Data capture fields and their validation
  • Assumptions for the process to enable change control to be managed
  • Reporting requirements for the process

Following the completion of the template any necessary XForms and CXM case type can be built.

Screen shot 2018 03 12
Screen shot 2018 03 12
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