Booking things online just got a lot easier.

With this release of Continuum, we’ve unlocked the power of end to end eBookings using XFP, CMS & CXM along with some intelligent integration to help transform, automate and simplify services.

Watch the 4 minute movie below showing you how CMS, XFP & CXM can deliver an end to end eBooking system.

End to end bookings - How it's done

eBookings - XFP

Use Jadu eForms to create a booking form for any service that requires a booking, from furniture collections to football pitches. Leverage Outlook calendars to book the slots.

My Account - CMS and XFP

Allow your customers to review and track their booking using the powerful MyAccount features in both Jadu CMS and Jadu XFP eForms products.

Case Management - CXM

Customers can track and make changes to bookings whilst your customer service teams and contractors can book resources, schedule dates and communicate with via email and optionally, SMS.

Connect and automate

We provide standard connectors (through API integration to a number of cloud and back office systems) via the Jadu Integrations Hub, a framework for integrating common back office and cloud based services. 

With Integrations Hub, it's easy for you to 'swipe' to enable integrations including Outlook 365, ESRI maps, PCA Connect, GoCardless and many other cloud and back office apps.


Integrations hub logo

Regularly released integrations

Jadu’s Integration Hub framework means that we will develop connectors to most common back office and cloud systems.

We push these connectors and integrations to Jadu customers through Continuum releases in the CMS, XFP and CXM products through a 2 weekly release process. So you get the benefit of integrations continually.

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