Hyland Content Portal eForms

Jadu Content Portal for Hyland Perceptive Content is a non-technical platform that leverages the core of Jadu Continuum technology to bring digital HTML5 eforms and portal pages to Hyland Perceptive Content ECM.

Help your organization deliver online digital services, unlock back office content and data - allowing your customers and constituents to self-serve on mobile, tablet or desktop devices. Jadu Content Portal leverages Integration Server and includes an unlimited number of Server Calls, eliminating the need to keep track of Transaction Pack licensing.

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Meeting user needs

Now there’s a complete solution that bridges the gap between Perceptive Content and the audiences that web publishers serve. The Perceptive Content Portal helps you and your customers view and download the documents and content you want, when you need them. This innovative offering enables external access to an approved list of enterprise data via a vendor portal on your customer’s web site. Vendors simply sign in to the portal to view and download documents and content stored in Perceptive Content, based on their vendor ID or unique login identifier.

Everything in one place

Your institution has selected Perceptive Content as your Enterprise Content System of record so why are you still storing some of your content in other locations? Your website is full of downloadable PDFs and other forms, but your website CMS does not provide you the power to manage these document's life cycles like Perceptive does. Now you can store all of your enterprise content in Perceptive's ECM solution and use the Jadu Content Portal to provide access to this content.

Single experience

Your vendors can come to your website, login and download their current invoice, submit a Purchase Order, or search for a previous month's invoice. Your students can now gain access to the documents in their student file without having to call the Admissions or Registrar's office and ask for a copy to be sent to them. Customers can gain access to documents they need to do business more efficiently with your organisation, and employees can collaborate and work less dependent on having to know exactly what system to navigate to for access to business content.

Product highlights

Out the box

Out of the box functionality to surface content directly from your Perceptive Content Software system.

Perceptive Content Portal gets customers excited about digital transformation across their entire business. It provides our customers with a powerful WCM suite and web forms capability that delivers real-time, single source content to any device including mobile and tablet. Customers will leverage their investment in Perceptive Content and deliver unique value to their own customers.

Business processes

Online forms (Jadu XFP) integration that fuels your institution’s business processes and can trigger Perceptive Workflows from online form provision and completion.


An extensible platform allowing for the integration and surfacing of data from other back office systems such as your SMS, LMS, CRM, ERP and so on.

Responsive Design

Matching of your organization’s existing website or portal design, while implementing this within a responsive design that makes its use from mobile devices and tablets as easy as it is from the desktop.

Public access

Maintain compliance on industry requirements to provide public access to certain types of content such as public grant related content for your institution’s research.

Hyland eforms html5

This diagram shows how Jadu seamlessly integrates with Perceptive Content by Hyland, with Jadu products on the left.

More about Content Portal & eforms on the Hyland Website

You can find out more about Perceptive Content Portal on the Hyland website

Jadu Continuum

Web Content Management

Keep your customers up to date, create and publish engaging web content securely and easily and on all devices.

eForms and Payments

Build secure and easy-to-use online forms, with flexible integrations and end-to-end transactions such as applications or payments.

Case Management

Your own digital concierge, providing a seamless experience and effective digital customer self-service.