Accessibility Statement Template

Documentation supplied by Jadu

Your accessibility statement is often the first thing a disabled person will look for when they visit your website. This is so they can check any areas they won't be able to access, how to request alternatives and who to contact about any issues.

People accessing your site may not be accessibility experts, so your statement needs to be written in plain English. It is also good practice to link to your statement from every page on your website, in the footer for example. Finally, the statement itself must be accessible.

Jadu has put together this guide based on the GDS (Government Digital Service) sample accessibility statement, along with our sample statement to help you give your users an accessible experience and ensure you meet the guidelines. You need to complete an audit of your website in order to know where the issues lie, but you do not need to have completed the fixes before uploading your accessibility statement. You can complete the audit yourself, we can audit your site for you, or you can use third party. Our recommended third parties are Shaw Trust or Ability Net.

Using the template is straightforward, simply copy the HTML into the Jadu Content Editor in a document page or your accessibility template within your CMS.

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