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Tuesday, 14th November 2006

Jadu delivering 'Local Authority 2.0'

Jadu have designed a range of Web 2.0 products to enhance the delivery of web-based content and services within local authorities and the public sector.

Local authorities and central Government departments will now be better equipped to meet transformational Government targets thanks to Jadu, the UK's leading provider of Government content management systems (CMS).

Jadu's new range of Web 2.0 products have been designed to enhance the delivery of web-based content and services, help organise information and vastly improve communication.

Jadu makes Web 2.0 technology accessible to local authorities to help enable the transformation of services. The new products include modules such as Jadu Multimedia, which enables videocasting and podcasting, to full platform products, such as XFORMS Professional - an advanced e-forms solution that integrates with CRM systems and enables self-service. Also available is Jadu Intranet 2.0, a social computing web portal for organising, publishing and blogging information within an organisation.

Suraj Kika, CEO of Jadu, explains,

"Delivering content is a great challenge, not least for Government - and this challenge starts with trying to organise it. That is why, for the last year, we have been busy developing applications to make finding and publishing content a breeze."

In particular, Jadu has developed 'Rupa' - a cross platform software interface for the Google Search Appliance (GSA), which, when integrated with Microsoft Active Directory, enables a personalised and controlled enterprise search over an internal network.

"Rupa is one of our most exciting systems. We have developed a powerful and secure search interface on top of the World's finest search systems - the Google Search Appliance," says Suraj. "Now, we can take advantage of an organisation's Active Directory authentication methods and deliver a powerful Google search for the employee. This will allow searches to be conducted to find documents and files inside their network directories, on web pages and even databases."

Jadu has also delivered an internal customer services content management system for local authorities called '.Services'. This enables customer services operators to use scripted information on council services and search for data using an in-built Google search.

Elizabeth Thatcher, Communications Manager for Lichfield District Council who uses the system comments, "Jadu's .Services has enabled us to ensure that consistent information is provided to our customers whenever they contact our service centre. Our advisors can all access up-to-date and accurate service information quickly and efficiently via a simple web interface and with a powerful search powered by Google."

"The web is going through a transformation in the way information is published and the way we interact with the web", continues Suraj. "This move to Web 2.0 is shifting the way local authorities publish and interact with customers. The focus is now on web delivery, take-up and engaging the public to see and use services in a modern 'Local Authority 2.0' way to coin a phrase."

Jadu will be showcasing its range of new systems at the Information Management Solutions show to be held at Olympia, London, from the 28th - 30th November 2006.