Continuum #12

New Updated password hashing within the Control Centre.

New Provided the ability to scan a file using an antivirus program.

New Added functionality events (hooks) throughout the Control Centre.

New Added automated functional tests for different areas of CMS using Behat 3.0

New An option is now provided to disallow concurrent user logins for the front end of the site through a constant.

New Galaxies now have the option to disable concurrent logins for Control Centre and front end.

Update Improved the identification of widgets in generated javascript files.

Update Slow links are now given a bit longer to respond when being checked by the link checker.

Fix New functionality added to support multiple event listeners via the same event (key) within events.xml config.

Fix Database find and replace now considers items in the content schedule, as well as all previous content.

Fix Updated opinion poll widget. No longer redirects galaxy site users to the main site.

Fix Fixed issue with document preview. Preview links now work when readable URLs are off.

Fix Title on file download page is now the file title, rather than the download title.

Fix Made document page list interface more intuitive, red/green dot now represents whether the document is visible.

Fix Improved error handling when deleting an old page supplement.

Fix Refactored directory widget, and added appropriate labels.

Fix Fixed issue where height of panel for 2FA login screen was larger when reCaptcha was in use.

Fix Fixed configuration issue in Galaxy sites.

Fix Fixed issue in councillor and FAQ pages were snippets were stripped from content. Snippets are now saved correctly.

Fix Bug fixed where users would potentially end up in a redirect loop while using CMS on PHP 5.6.

Fix Logging into the CMS no longer adds PHP notices to the log.


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