Continuum #78

Updated Galaxies site management user interface, added supplement manager to existing Galaxies sites and various bug-fixes.


New Updated Galaxies site management user interfaces. Galaxies site management pages now use the Pulsar user interface library.

New Advert, contact, image and navigation supplement templates have been added to existing Galaxies sites.

Fix Deleting a homepage now deletes the associated friendly URL.

Fix Fixed schema inconsistency between Continuum site and Galaxies site JaduContentPreviewLinks table.

Fix Host header is now validated when a request is received. Invalid requests result in a 404 HTTP response.

Fix URLs ending with the string "register" are no longer incorrectly redirected when the CXM user authentication adapter is enabled.

Fix Image category title now accepts strings upto 255 characters in length.

Fix Fixed an issue with ordering of independent homepages in newly created Galaxies sites.

Fix Blog posts now inherit default comment and social media settings correctly.

Fix An additional "/" is no longer prepended to homepage friendly URL shortcuts in the .htaccess file.

Fix Non-visible widgets are now hidden in the "combine widget" dropdown menu.

Fix Event category page no longer incorrectly returns a 404 response.

Fix Fixed an issue where incorrect page title were used for some Control Centre pages in admin access logging.

Fix The Continuum site .htaccess template is no longer used when republishing the Galaxies site .htaccess file is triggered by adding a new friendly URL.

Fix Incorrect password is no longer accepted when changing your password in the Galaxies site user account area with Jadu native user authentication adapter enabled.

Update Improved link checker task to log more information on failed links.

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Semantic version: 17.7.0