Continuum #31

Bulk import of friendly URLs, update to Blogs user interface and user interface fixes and improvements.

New in this release

Bulk import of friendly URLs
Friendly URLs can now be added in bulk via the upload of a CSV to the control center. Up to 5000 URL remappings can be added in one submission and the user interface has been updated and refreshed in line with Pulsar interface patterns.

Blogs User Interface
The Blogs control center user interface has now been updated to use the new Pulsar design. This now gives a consistent experience to users who have access to both the CMS and a blog.


Release notes

New Bulk import of Friendly URL's has now been added and the Friendly URL management interfaces have been updated to use Pulsar MVC architecture.

New Blogs control center user interface is now consistent with other CMS user interfaces.

Fix Corrected image path, Google Play logo is no longer a broken image.

Fix Fixed numerous minor user interface issues.

Fix The newAdminTask function now returns the correct insert ID in all circumstances.

Fix Press releases are now ordered according to the last approved press release date, not the last saved press release date.

Fix Errors are no longer generated in "View Links" functionality when XFP is installed on the system.

Fix Fixed an issue where images can not be replaced in CKEditor

Update Add support for Pulsar 6.0.0

Update Added the ability to collapse widgets within the homepage designer.

Update Preview functionality has been updated.


Default template release notes

Update Preview functionality has been updated.


Breaking changes

  • The following templates must be updated to allow preview functionality to work as expected in 12.5.0. For details on applying these changes to your templates please refer to our accompanying technical note.
    • public_html/preview/documents_info.php
    • public_html/site/includes/closing_javascript.php
    • public_html/site/scripts/events_info.php
    • public_html/site/scripts/home_info.php
    • public_html/site/scripts/news_article.php
    • public_html/site/scripts/press_article.php



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Semantic version: 12.5.0