Continuum #69

16.13.1 - Improvements to scheduled tasks and search adapters and other bug fixes

Release notes

Fix Added a scheduled task for data retention of failed user logins.

Fix Improvements to relevance of results on Jadu Search.

Fix Access to page supplements is now checked against supplementRecordID and supplementWidgetID.

Fix Content schedule reminder is now sent to the owner of the content in all cases.

Fix Deleting a document now deletes the supplement usage for the corresponding document from supplement manager.

Fix Fixed an issue with llpg import script when it is executed as a scheduled task.

Fix Collaborate menu no longer overlaps the actions menu when clicked.

Fix Rupa search adapter no longer searches for the keyword "more" when a default collection is defined.

Fix Search adapters now work appropriately when the CMS is set up with a proxy server.

Fix Fixed an issue where incorrect client IP address was returned when there is a proxy chain to use the CMS.

Fix Fixed issue with DirectoryIndex in .htaccess in galaxies.

Fix Updated the user agent string used in curl requests.

Fix Fixed an issue with file system migrations when the CMS is patched from a very old version.

Fix Fixed an issue where bullet points were displayed as broken characters in document pages downloaded as PDF.

Fix Invisible forms are now not shown in Jadu Search results.

Fix Added validation wherein end date field of content scheduling can be set with future dates only.

Fix Supplement text fields now validate the number of characters to prevent truncation.

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Semantic version: 16.13.1