Continuum #70

17.0.0 - Added support for reCAPTCHA version 2, cli command for database find and replace

New in this release

reCAPTCHA Integration

recaptcha invoked

recaptcha administration

reCAPTCHA has moved into our Integrations page, and been written to support version 2 as well. Click "Utilities" >> "Integrations" >> "Google reCAPTCHA" to view the new interface.

Release notes

New Added ability to integrate with reCAPTCHA version 2.

New Added a command to perform database find and replace.

Fix Galaxies shortcut URLs now allow hyphens.

Fix Removed refrences to urls of retired modules added in galaxies sites friendlies.

Fix Document search pagination now handles the special characters in the search term.

Fix User's CXM session is now refreshed 5 minutes before the token expires to prevent the user being logged out mid process.

Fix X-Frame-Options header is now added in windows galaxies sites on domain without causing a conflict with the main site header.

Update Improved link checker task to log more information on failed links.

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Semantic version: 17.0.0