Continuum #55

16.5.0 - Share content from your Continuum site with your Galaxies sites.

Release notes

New New installations will now use MySQLi database configuration by default

New Added ContentShare - Share documents, news and events from main site to a Galaxies site.

Fix Fixed issues with Apache configuration following a new installation.

Fix reCAPTCHA now displays correctly on Control Center login page when rate limiting is enabled.

Fix Improved the homepage approve action to prevent memory exhaustion.

Fix Task rescheduler now works as expected on all timezones.

Fix Google maps are now available on Galaxies sites.

Fix Received forms in XForms standard are now ordered by descending date submitted.

Fix Fixed a bug where "&" translated to "andamp" within directories readable URLs.

Fix Database migration for ESRI ArcGIS integration no longer attempts to add a database table twice.

Fix Proxy settings with credentials now work when authenticating using CXM integration.

Fix Fixed an issue where dragging widgets within the homepage builder could potentially lose its configured settings.

Update Updated the vagrant development environment provision script to use Ansible 2.0 scripts.

Update Added automated tests for ESRI ArcGIS online integration.

Security Minor security improvements.


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Semantic version: 16.5.0