Continuum #42

v13.10.0 - Control Center user manual links, Meteor 2 and updated WebDAV library.

Release notes

New CMS documentation is now linked to from the user manual menu in the Control Center. Site specific help, such as content style guides, can be included by amending the Manuals.xml config file.

New New breadcrumb service to display breadcrumb in all new pages.

New CMS package and deploy now uses Meteor 2.

Fix Bug fixed where the image manager would error when used with CKEditor in certain instances.

Fix Tables in CKEditor now have a margin applied above and below the table element.

Fix Uploaded meeting and download files are now granted sufficient permissions to be served by X-Sendfile.

Fix The getNextDateForEventFromDate function no longer runs out of memory in certain cases when retrieving the next event date.

Fix Fixed an issue where online now dialog was not closed appropriately.

Update Converted `Event` directory to PSR-4 standard.

Update Added X-UA-Compatible meta tag to Control Center pages.

Update Third party Sabre WebDAV library has been updated.    

Update Converted `UI` directory to PSR-4 standards.


Note: The jadu/ext/webdav directory requires reverting manually in the event of rolling back this upgrade.


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Semantic version: 13.10.0