Continuum #41

v13.9.1 - Document location fields, event location usage and small improvments to CXM integration.

New in this release

document location
Document location fields
Longitude and latitude fields have been added to document headers. Further improvements, including a map control to populate these fields will follow in a later release.

event location usage
Event location usage

Event location management has been improved with the addition of usage information when viewing an event location record. Click "Publishing" >> "Events" >> "Event Locations" and select the location from the options provided to see a list of events the location is used on in the "Related events" tab.


Release notes

New Added a command to clear the cache.

New CXM Control Center authentication adapter is now available for use on Galaxies sites.

New Event locations now include a list of events using that location.

New Latitude and longitude fields have been added to document headers.

New When sending marketing campaign emails, the list of recipients is now sent as a CSV attachment in the report email, rather than in the body of the email.

Fix Labels for background controls in the Galaxies Site designer now more accurately describe the control.

Fix Fixed an issue with html entities and noscript tags within snippets

Fix Fixed an issue in IE11 where it wasn't possible to delete multiple friendly URLs due to the link being incorrectly disabled.

Fix Special characters in search queries are no longer double encoded in seach navigation links.

Fix Improved the error message shown when trying to login to the CMS using a CXM user that does not have a CMS account.

Fix Deletion of Galaxies Site files is now queued to prevent the request from timing out when a site is deleted.

Fix Removed the file type icon from the list of files in a download.

Fix A warning is now shown to users when the content being saved exceeds the size of the database column in which its stored.

Fix Refreshing blog settings page no longer resubmits the settings form.

Fix Removed non-functional checkboxes from the locales list.

Fix Multiple translation comments can now be deleted by selecting "Delete comment" from the Actions menu.

Fix Fixed PHP warning when using the Jadu Session handler.

Fix Autosave of events now stores the location correctly.

Fix Fixed spelling mistake in alert when deleting multiple homepages.

Fix Very long words no longer break the Track Changes user interface.

Fix Fixed a javascript error that prevented the spellchecker from working in CKEditor.

Update Improved usage of the API client in the CXM authentication adapters.

Update Improved storage of UPN field within Office 365 integration.

Update Converted `Helper` directory to PSR-4 standards.


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