Continuum #59

16.7.3 - miscellaneous minor bug fixes and updates.

Release notes

Fix Added missing JaduUsers include to Service/Users.php

Fix Fixed an issue with document preview where the default url was generated with an empty title.

Fix Title field is now correctly validated when uploading a file.

Fix Jadu Date plugin in content editor now inserts the date according to the user's browser locale.

Fix Login analysis section is now included in scheduled admin statistics reports delivered as a PDF.  

Fix Egov contact supplements no longer change associated records when edited.

Fix Added a skip link for the main CMS navigation block.

Fix Every image in Control Center user interface now has an alt attribute.

Fix Fixed memory exhaustion issue on accessing the site index page.

Update Updated the node-sass version to resolve the npm build issues.

Update Updated CXM Service API client dependency to version 1.76.0 and fixed an issue with Control Center login for CXM users.

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Semantic version: 16.7.3