Continuum #46

v14.1.0 - Download system diagnostic information to help our support team diagnose issues.

Release notes

New Added a diagnostic information feature. Admins can now download information about the CMS configuration and environment to help the support team diagnose issues.

New Completed jobs are now removed from the queue database table in line with a configurable retention policy.

Fix Margin around the track changes button in Homepages user interface restored.

Fix Disabled styling on 'Manage Users' button in Galaxies sites user interface restored.

Fix Exporting user data from the Marketing module no longer includes sensitive details.

Fix Duplicate A to Z contact supplement data is now correctly removed.

Fix Fixed an issue where large numbers of form submissions could prevent the "All forms" list from finishing rendering.

Fix JavaScript errors no longer triggered when assigning categories to directory records using Internet Explorer 9.

Fix Added support for custom page supplements loading the document editor in a lightbox.

Update Converted `Test` directory to PSR-4.

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Semantic version: 14.1.0