Continuum #50

16.0.1 - Support for PHP 7.0, and easier linking of CMS and CXM accounts

Release notes

New Added support for PHP 7.0. PHP 5.3 is no longer supported.

New Added ability to map a CXM user to a CMS administrator within the Control Centre user interface.

Fix Fixed failing automated tests.

Fix An exception is now thrown if CSRF token salt is undefined.

Fix Improved the efficiency of the link checker.

Fix Reduced memory usage when saving a homepage.

Fix Galaxies sites with a domain name now use the correct template when creating their .htaccess file.

Fix Added missing content, such as admin name, to the content schedule reminder email.

Update Removed any remaining references to legacy Phalanger support.

Update Updated Session directory to use PSR-4 standard.

Update Updated DataStore directory to use the PSR-4 standard.


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Semantic version: 16.0.1