Continuum #30

Content managed event locations, and other improvements.

New in this release

Content managed event locations
To prevent duplication of content and make it easier to filter by specific places, event locations are now managed as their own content type.

Release notes

New Event locations are now managed separately and try to reduce duplication.

Fix Using default column names as directory field names no longer causes errors when the directory data is exported.

Fix Fixed an issue where Pulsar's CSS files could not be built due to $ie-version variable being undefined.

Fix Footer logo in the control center is no longer misaligned in Internet Explorer 8 and 9.

Fix Fixed a PHP notice being generated when a link to an individual FAQ page was created.

Fix Bug fixed where invalid route would display a white screen instead of the Jadu custom 404 page.

Fix Retired recruitment module is no longer referred to in the example readable url config file.

Fix The link checker now considers values starting with protocol, eg. http://, when checking homepage widget settings.

Fix Directory modified date is now updated when directory records CSV file is imported.

Fix Event dates are no longer prefilled with the current date.

Fix eGov contact details are now correctly removed from database after deleting the contact.

Fix Widgets in the homepage designer no longer change size when clicked.

Fix Database schema after installation is now up to date and requires no further migrations to be run.

Update Forgotten password emails are now sent immediately and not queued.

Update Added automated tests for verifying the bulk email to administrators feature.

Update Added automated tests for publishing events.

Update Unused pulsar fonts directory removed from filesystem.

Update Javascript to show and hide lightboxes in the control center no longer relies upon the prototype javascript library.

Update Removed duplicated installer files. Installer files are now only maintained in the installer repository.

Update Removed unwanted Pulsar files from the publicly available Pulsar directory.

Update Improved performance of marketing email campaign functionality when large datasets are used.

Default template release notes

New Added a select drop down to "Submit new event" template to show list of current event locations.

Fix Fixed a bug where users where redirected to the register page if they had not previously signed into their account.

Fix Form element labels are now correctly associated with their field on directory submission pages.

Breaking changes

  • "Submit new event" template must be updated to use the new event location content type to prevent errors when submitting new content. Please refer to the accompanying technical note.


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