Continuum #23

Password change notifications, disabled auto complete on login forms, and various security fixes.

New in this release

password change notification

Password change notifications
To mitigate social engineering attacks, a password change notification is now sent whenever an admin account password is updated. This gives your users the best possible chance of reacting quickly in the unlikely event that an attacker gains access to their account and attempts to lock them out.

Release notes

New CMS users will now be notified via email when their password is changed.

Fix XML sitemap generator now outputs the correct URL for individual FAQs.

Fix Backspace is now allowed in HTML5 input types in Control Center interfaces.

Fix Galaxies sites users are now redirected appropriately after signing in.

Fix Galaxy sites no longer error when accessing account pages behind password protection.

Fix Base64 encoded secure constants are now decrypted correctly.

Fix Blank friendly URLs no longer throw an error when creating homepages.

Fix Twig templates are no longer within public domain.

Fix Can now see any comments associated to a translation task from within the task details page by viewing the Comments tab.

Fix Bug fix to select previously selected content for each translation.

Fix ckeditor.xml and xinha.xml should now be copied over during patch.

Fix Fixed an issue where the console could be broken for users who also have XFP installed.

Fix Fixed admin log login where the current admin wasn't set against each log entry.

Fix Bug fixed to prevent control centre session data interfering with front end.

Security Fixed various security issues

Default template release notes

New Login and forgot password form fields no longer auto complete

Fix Values are no longer lost on the user's second attempt to submit a directory record form.

Security Fixed various security issues

Breaking changes

None in this release.


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