Continuum #45

v14.0.1 - Updated email templates, new Meteor dependency and bug fixes.

Release notes

New Updated meteor version to 2.2 and cache clear command added to run post patch.

New Emails sent by CMS now consistently use Pulsar templates.

Fix Fixed an issue where generating a link to the live homepage caused the page to timeout.

Fix Event location address now outputted on the front end.

Fix Fixed an issue where website statistics could not be exported as a CSV or PDF file.

Fix Updated targeting rule answers with new user interface to prevent id's being reassigned.

Fix Fixed an issue with login to Control Center if constant FORCE_SECURE is set and SSL_ENABLED is not set.

Fix Added ability to remove caption from an image within the document editor.

Fix Fixed a bug where dragging a widget from one row to another ended up outside of the rows container.

Fix Pagination on directory search now retains the category details.

Fix Fixed warnings triggered when creating a Galaxies site content pack.

Fix Fixed issue with disabling of LDAP integrations on Galaxies.

Fix Improved the handling of larger images in the image editor to prevent memory exhaustion.

Fix Fixed the console error in the homepage designer when using a content widget.

Update Converted references to aliased PSR-0 classes to PSR-4 classes.

Update Converted `ContentType` directory to PSR-4.

Update Removed the user intelligence integration.

Update Minor improvement to the translation mapping page user interface.

Update Updated the CMS permission file to include new config files.


Default template release notes

Fix Fixed the HTML validation error on the directory submit page.

Fix Included missing map marker shadow icon.

Fix Multimedia embedded in meeting minutes attachment are now rendered properly.

Fix Events seach uses location ID rather than location title as its parameter.

Technical note for changes.


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Semantic version: 14.0.1