Continuum #47

v15.0.0 - Continuum version is now shown when you log in to the CMS.

Release notes

New Middle and right advert widgets will now be available in Galaxies sites on new installs.

New Added the ability to embed images into emails sent from the CMS.

New Improved handling of file attachments within the email services. Attachments can now be added by path.

New The current software version is now shown after logging into the CMS.

Fix Promoted results from Google site search are now shown once more in search results, following changes to their XML API.

Fix Textarea shown when rejecting a task can no longer be resized outside the bounds of its window.

Fix Galaxies sites created from a content pack no longer lack recent configuration values.

Fix DataMapper `save` method no longer returns `true` when the an update query fails.

Fix Widgets marked as being "standard" are no longer editable from within the widget manager.

Fix Fixed a bug where a particular migration would cause memory exhaustion when applying a patch.

Fix Default view of maps in the front end is now configurable.

Fix Long poll questions no longer generate URLs that exceed the maximum allowable length in Microsoft IIS.

Fix Previewing content now works as expected on password protected Galaxies sites.

Fix JavaScript snippets now work when a widget is combined with another in a homepage.

Fix PHP Error is no longer generated when deleting multiple blogs.

Fix PHP Notices are no longer generated when saving Galaxies sites.

Fix PHP Notice no longer generated within the rescheduler task.

Fix Importing more than 5000 friendly URLs no longer triggers an error.

Fix Fixed duplication of invalid links within homepage content within link checker.

Fix Newly added Galaxies sites are now listed on the translation mapping page.

Fix `CustomStatus.php` is now included when previewing content.

Update Removed duplicate code within Control Centre.

Update Removed unused nyx phar and json config file.

Update Converted `Bootstrap` directory to PSR-4.


Default template release notes

Fix Improved the default view and search of the maps on front end and made default view configurable.


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Semantic version: 15.0.0