Continuum #76

17.6.0 - Added support for default page supplements in galaxies site.

Release notes

New Default page supplements are now available in newly created galaxies sites.

New Added ability to edit document slugs used in the document live URL's.

Fix Fixed the invalid link issue with preview of category homepages.

Fix Fixed an issue with incorrect redirection of friendy URL's with relative paths on galaxies site.

Fix Added missing reports table from galaxies schema.

Fix External admins are now not available to share with galaxies Control Center.

Fix Friendly urls now added before adding document and category page routes in htaccess.

Fix Fixed issue related to document slug generation on shared content.

Fix Save and revert buttons in document preview are now appropriately styled.

Update Updated Meteor to 3.3.0.

Update UI refinement across directory list pages.

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Semantic version: 17.6.0