Continuum #37

Improved performance on old versions of PHP and better integration with CXM.

Release notes

New Added a webhook to update the stub user record when using the CXM adapter.

Fix Resolved performance issues on older versions of PHP

Fix A welcome email is no longer sent when using the CXM adapter for user authentication.

Fix Add missing ID attribute to Universe Search button on pages using Pulsar user interface library.

Fix Admin toolbar button no longer moves when its caret is clicked.

Fix Directory import and export files are now synced between clustered servers.

Fix HTTP headers are no longer sent prior to the authentication adapter being initiated.

Fix Fixed database migration that failed when the query contained an escaped character.

Fix Fixed an issue with load balance session handling.

Fix Twig template cache can now be deleted from the cache maintenance page.

Fix Editor text area is no longer stretched by very long links when viewing source in CKEditor.

Fix Get parameters are no longer lost when a user must re-authenticate before viewing a control center page.

Fix Fixed broken Subcategory links in Galaxies Sites directory category pages.

Fix Query result is now checked before processing when filtering category list.

Fix Quick search now works correctly on pages using the Pulsar user interface library.

Fix Link checker now ignores deleted downloads when checking for broken links.

Fix Snippets now work correctly when there are multiple CKEditor instances on a page.

Update Converted `Console` classes to adhere to PSR-4 standard.

Update Converted `Category` classes to adhere to PSR-4 standard.  

Update Converted `Meeting` classes to adhere to PSR-4 standard.

Update Headings in the CKEditor preview are now styled bold to help distinguish them from paragraph text.


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Semantic version: 13.5.0