Continuum #26

High volume directory imports and exports

New in this release

Directory management
Importing and exporting of large directories is now much easier. Requests are now queued and processed by the system in the background to allow very large files to be managed successfully.

Release notes

New  MyJaduAPI updates are now included in CMS releases.

New Configuration files now inherit from a default example set of files.

New A document's live status is now shown when viewing the document list in the control center.

New Cross site scripting header is now enabled by the CMS installer.

New The Paybridge module now included in the new navigation bar.

Fix UI fixes relating to pixelated fonts, track change colours and word wraps.

Fix Export routine for Directories is now queued. This should prevent timeout / memory exhaustion.

Fix Performance issues fixed in relation to user intelligence. Extended caching time by 23 hours.

Fix Fixed an issue where XFP config would not be loaded correctly.

Fix Fixed issue where search term was not maintained through to the full results page when using Universe search from the search box.

Fix Galaxy users are now redirected appropriately when their session is expired due to a concurrent user.

Fix Cached data in memory is now cleared correctly.

Fix Can now successfully create a session in a second browser window, if you are already logged in as a first.

Fix Fixed an issue where success message would be shown inappropriately when adding a translation mapping.

Fix Links to translated content no longer shown on translation task record if the item is unavailable.

Fix Pages that force secure access now redirect appropriately on a Galaxies site.

Fix Clicking multiple items in the main navigation no longer affects the back button history.

Fix The new navigation bar will now display an entry for the Intranet Module if it is installed.

Fix Improved legacy lightbox styles for display upon mobile devices. Content no longer appears off screen.

Fix Dragging and dropping administrators in the Workflow Designer no longer causes them to be displayed at random points on the page.

Fix Associated supplements are now deleted when the egov contact record is deleted.

Fix Fixed a PHP notice when on the Universe Search page.

Update Removed the restrictions limiting repainted CSS styles to specific control centre sections.

Update Translations user interfaces have been updated to work with Pulsar 4.

Update Removed deprecated YouTube API (no longer in use).

Breaking changes

  • There is a known compatibility issue with XFP and this release. XFP customers should first upgrade to before updating their CMS version.
  • PHP 5.3 has now been deprecated. Please contact Jadu support for more information regarding upgrading to PHP 5.6.


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