Continuum #58

16.7.2 - miscellaneous minor bug fixes and updates.

Release notes

Fix Users are now redirected to the correct page when the ESRI ArcGIS integration encounters a CSRF error.

Fix Number of categories in a directory is no longer limited to 127 items.

Fix Non-visible forms are no longer included in the Google sitemap xml output.

Fix Standardise the variable used to define path to php.exe in scheduled task .bat files.  

Fix The new search adapter value is now set to Google Site Search or Google Search Appliance where appropriate.  

Fix The admin detail page now highlights when the admin authenticates using a 3rd party system such as LDAP.

Fix Fixed memory exhaustion issue when generating the default URL for a homepage.

Fix Curl requests made with the Guzzle HTTP client service no longer fail when a proxy is in use.

Update Added automated tests for search adapter feature.  

Update Added automated tests for event submissions including an image.


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Semantic version: 16.7.2