Continuum #54

16.4.0 - Improved ESRI ArcGIS Online integration.

Release notes

New Exceptions encountered by CXM integration are now logged to the application log.

New Improved integration with ESRI ArcGIS Online API.

Fix Content schedule checkbox is no longer checked when content fails validation.

Fix Can now successfully link your CMS and CXM accounts when your account email address contains a '+' symbol.

Fix Meeting minutes attachments can no longer be accessed when the record has been set to private.

Fix Log out functionality now behaves consistently in all UIs.

Fix Publishing of new versions of the category list is now queued to prevent the process timing out.

Fix Removed broken link to obsolete maintenance script used to reset applied categories.

Update Updated automated test suite.

Update Updated project template and database empty to reflect the feature retirement. This should not affect the existing implementations.

Security Minor security improvements.


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Semantic version: 16.4.0