Continuum #39

Longitude and latitude fields added to event locations, view supplement usage and improved LDAP integration management.

New in this release

LDAP integration

The LDAP integration management interface has moved into our Integrations page, and been rewritten to make it straight forward and easy to use. Click "Utilities" >> "Integrations" >> "LDAP Authentication" to view the new interface.

Event location fields

Longitude and latitude fields have been added to event locations. Further improvements, including a map control to populate these fields will follow in a later release.

Supplement usage

Supplement management has been improved with the addition of usage information when viewing a supplement record. Click "Utilities" >> "Supplement Manager" and select the supplement from the options provided to see a list of pages the supplement is used on.

Application queue viewer

The current state of your application queue can now be viewed from the System Information page, alongside the scheduled task information. Click "Utilities" >> "System Information" to view the new interface.


Release notes

New Added option to clear Symfony cache from cache maintenance page.

New The state of the application queue, and jobs currently awaiting processing is now shown on the system information page.

New LDAP integration management has been moved into the CMS integration page. Process of enabling LDAP integration has been simplified.

New Latitude and longitude fields have been added to event locations.

New CXM adapter can now redirect users to the login page after confirming their email address.

New Added command-line tool to update old versions of events to use the new event location content type.

New Viewing a supplement record in the supplement manager now shows a list of the pages that supplement is used on.

Fix Fixed spelling mistake in announcement saved success message.

Fix Friendly URLs on Galaxies sites with a separate domain name now rewrite correctly.

Fix Errors found when attempting to import a directory CSV file are now shown in the user interface at the point of upload.

Fix When viewing previous versions of documents, the number of versions is now limited to the last 50 to prevent out of memory errors.

Fix "Who's online" button no longer generates a JavaScript error when clicked.

Fix Dismissing a notification no longer causes logging out to fail.

Fix The link checker not longer marks links starting geo: as broken.

Fix Content schedule scheduled task no longer causes PHP notices to be logged.

Fix Blog password validation now uses the CMS password validation rule.

Fix Dashboard access is now correctly restricted.

Fix "Open street map" maps are now styled correctly.

Fix Breadcrumb items in track changes UI are now correctly spaced.

Fix The actions dropdown button no longer loses styling when you click the caret icon.

Fix Notifications icon no longer shown on change password page.

Fix Large images should no longer break outside of the multimedia preview modal container.

Fix Fatal error is no longer triggered when sending an empty bulk email message.

Fix Friendly names and URLs are trimmed before saving them to htaccess

Update Converted `Document` classes to adhere to PSR-4 standard.


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