Continuum #53

16.3.0 - CXM navigation in Jadu CMS

Release notes

New CXM users logged in to Jadu Control Center can now see link to CXM in the navigation bar.

Fix Fixed an issue with friendly URL validation.

Fix The site switcher no longer shows deleted Galaxies sites.

Fix Track changes script has been refactored to use less memory when loading.

Fix Fixed an issue where proxy details were ignored when interacting with CXM API.

Fix Fixed an issue where images could not be centre aligned in the Document Editor.

Fix Removed estimated time for file download details from the galaxies site templates.

Fix Text in directory map markers now accurately reflect the directories map marker settings.

Fix Fixed an issue where spellchecker cleared page content if it was cancelled before it had finished loading.

Fix Files with long file names no longer fail to upload when they are drag/drop uploaded in the multimedia manager.

Update Added automated tests for drag & drop upload of downloads.

Update Adopted PSR-1 and PSR-2 code standard through out jadu code base and unit tests directories.


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Semantic version: 16.3.0