Continuum #21

CKEditor fixes, Link checker fixes along with many other bug fixes.

Release notes

New Updated EULA

Fix Ability to edit CKEditor snippets.

Fix Broken links in FAQs are no longer incorrectly reported as deleted.

Fix Blog post metadata is now saved correctly.

Fix CKEditor now loads completely when editing the HTML field of a directory.

Fix Document editor now works correctly in blogs, when the default editor is set to CKEditor.

Fix Snippets no longer removed from blog post content after saving.

Fix Fixed an issue during patching were a database migration did not correctly report the issue that caused the migration to fail.

Fix Routes for all translation pages are now added to the route configuration file.

Fix Fixed link checker pagination issue where page wouldn't render correctly.

Fix Admin statistics report now correctly limits results to the report time period.

Fix Can now import admins who can only view and amend content in specific categories.

Fix Fixed an issue in the marketing module where searching for a user by their full name did not return appropriate results.

Fix Links with a class of 'button' now use white text rather than blue text on a dark grey background.

Fix "New Link to File" button in downloads now correctly clears the fields of the download file link form.

Fix Fixed an issue in registration emails. Email addresses that include apostrophe no longer break the verfication link.

Fix Homepage categories are now calculated correctly after running the applied category maintenance script.

Fix Fixed an issue in Google Site Search promoted results. Keywords in promotions are no longer stripped from the result.

Fix Broken links found in some content no longer incorrectly report the content as having been deleted.

Fix Event functionality now uses a timed cache to prevent accumulation of cache files that relate to the event calendar.

Fix Removed the log viewer from system information

Fix Clean up data from DB that is no longer required.

Fix Issue fixed with Content Schedule where duplicate entries would be created.

Fix An ellipsis is no longer shown after search results without a description.

Fix We now clean up cURL's cookie jar after each request.

Fix Galaxy web statistics should include all months

Fix Workflow name is now encoded before being included in an ajax request, to prevent ampersands being seen as a second parameter

Fix Fixed an issue in blogs. Can now successfully filter by tags whose name includes a slash.

Fix Fixed an issue in the homepage designer where an appropriate preview was not shown for the image widget.

Fix Now ensure that the back link is always visible when navigating the category list in the homepage activation window.

Fix Fixed an issue publishing galaxies sites. Publishing no longer fails if the site CSS includes @import statements.

Fix Category filter is now preserved when moving between pages in the event list.

Fix Fixed an issue in the control center user interface. Loading the list of document pages is now more memory efficient.

Fix The blog comment form now uses the appropriate captcha source when being loaded under HTTPS

Fix Fixed an issue whereby the user forms submissions page can become inaccessible after a large number of submissions.

Fix Fixed an issue with galaxies site event calendar navigation. Links no longer include extra parameters.

Fix Broken links in friendly URLs are no longer reported as having been deleted.

Fix Fixed an issue in Rupa search. Search result term is no longer concatenated if the "or" option is used in advanced search.

Breaking changes

There are no breaking changes in this release.


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