Continuum #49


Release notes

New Added support for the XFP GoCardless Integration in the Integration hub.

New Human readable dates are now supported in metadata date fields of directory CSV imports.

Fix Fixed a potential issue when uploading case sensitive stylesheets.

Fix Administrators are now sorted based on name in the change ownership lightbox.

Fix The 'thumbs up' animation has been toned down to stop it looking jarring in certain browsers.

Fix Fixed an issue where administrators were unable to save admin roles.

Fix Prevented publishing of broken Galaxies sites from updating main site constants.

Fix Prevented the value of Galaxies site constants being overwritten on republishing.

Fix Prevented comments from being submitted for an invalid translation task.

Fix The Galaxies site vhost file is now rebuilt on changing the default URL of the Galaxies site.

Fix Translation comment authors are now retrieved by site, preventing invalid details being shown.

Fix Fixed inappropriate message on event validation relating to long event descriptions.

Fix Fixed a PHP warning generated by the CXM Administrator adapter.

Fix Stylesheets assigned to news or download categories are now reflected appropriately by the front end templates.

Fix Fixed an issue related to press release links in the "View links" window.

Update Converted classes in the Service directory to the PSR-4 standard.

Update Updated CKEditor to version 4.5.10.

Update Updated CXM Service API client dependency to version 1.72.2.

Update Updated the signatures of ItemWrapper class methods.


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Semantic version: 15.2.0