Continuum #27

Introduced a changelog, many bugfixes and updated automated tests

Release notes

New Added changelog file, containing description of changes made in last 10 releases.

New Additional GET parameters in an events url are now passed to the the script to allow pagination controls.

Fix Email actions in the CMS queue are now prioritised over other time consuming items that may also be queued.

Fix Database migration no longer fails when JaduUser table's email column contains a value with an apostrophe.

Fix CKEditor JavaScript now correctly references an editor's id value, rather than an editor's name.

Fix Corrected a software error that occurred when attempting to change a blog admin's password. Password can now be changed successfully.

Fix Shared admins that have been removed from a galaxies site are now shown in the correct state in the manage admins interface.

Fix The admin forgot password screen is now accessible when the sign in video is disabled.

Fix Spell checker, Readability, Content statistics and Image manager lightboxes now show correctly when CKEditor is fully expanded.

Fix Antivirus file scanner is now more efficient. It can now scan multiple files without a new object needing to be instantiated.

Fix Fixed an issue where the login page would incorrectly try to redirect a user to a page they had not visited.

Fix Galaxy name field in JaduSiteRegistry and JaduGalaxiesSites tables is now kept in sync when the value is updated.

Fix A to Z records are now included in the built in search functionality.

Fix Bug fixed where priority wasn't applied to JaduQueues within new galaxies sites.

Fix Fix method signatures in DataMapper to support backward compatibility

Update Links in the Control Center with the 'disabled' attribute are no longer clickable.

Update The CMS now has a shiny set of Continuum branded favicons, which are those little icons you see in your toolbar, in your bookmarks, or if you save the CMS to your phone screen on iOS, Android and Windows phone.

Update CMS typeface files are now version controlled in their own repository.

Update Added automated tests for manually creating mappings of translation content on the mainsite.

Update Added automated tests for live and visibility checks in document list pages

Update Added automated tests for site settings

Update Added automated tests for Control Center search

Breaking changes

  • Method signatures in the DataMapper class have changed. Classes which extend the DataMapper may need updating to ensure compatibility.


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